Lack of sleep can lead to workplace injuries

When deadlines are looming, some Pennsylvania workers sacrifice the amount of time they get to sleep in order to get their work done. However, workers who are overtired and who do not get enough sleep are more likely to become involved in accidents, especially if the lack of sleep prevents them from being able to think clearly.

Data from the National Sleep Foundation revealed that workers who are overly tired are 70 percent more likely to become involved in a workplace accident than those who get enough sleep. Further, workers who suffer from chronic insomnia are more likely to report a workplace accident than those who do not. The data also showed that under-rested workers who snore while they sleep are twice as likely to be involved in accidents than those who do not.

To stay well rested and alert during the day, adults generally need at least seven hours of quality sleep every night. However, 30 percent report that they often get six hours or less. Some adults also overestimate the amount of time they actually sleep. Part of the problem could be contributed to certain habits adults may have, including exercising or drinking caffeine-laden beverages less than six hours before going to bed.

Although some workers may not be getting enough sleep due to their own habits, some companies that have work cultures that encourage long hours over an extended period of time. However, if a lack of sleep results in a workplace injury, the affected employee could seek workers’ compensation benefits. An attorney can often assist with the preparation and filing of a claim.