Lawsuits show possible abuse of brain injury patients

Serious injuries can do more than cause a few weeks of inconvenient recovery. They can end careers, disable bodies and cause lasting psychological trauma as well as physical pain. But few injuries are more serious and long-lasting than brain injuries.

A pair of lawsuits may show a pattern of abuse and neglect at a facility caring for around 4,000 people with physical and mental disabilities in Bucks County. One suit claims that a 21-year-old man with autism and occasional seizures was beaten by staff after he responded to being denied food. The other suit was brought by representatives of a 15-year-old girl who may have been stepped on in the facility.

Some injuries at the facility may have gone unnoticed because of the underlying conditions of patients and residents. Some people have traumatic brain injuries and may not react to another one in a way noticeable to others.

The attorney bringing the new lawsuits has previously taken action against the facility, claiming in 2018 that a patient’s nose was broken in an assault by a staff member. The suspect was immediately fired and arrested. The facility claimed that there is no pattern of abusive behavior among its staff and complaints are exaggerations on behalf of a population that is difficult to assess and treat.

People with suspected brain injuries and other major injuries caused by others may be eligible for financial damages that can help with recovery or maintenance of health. An attorney can discuss this possibility with the representatives, family or guardian of the victim of a traumatic brain injury.