Manufacturing Jobs May Be the Cause of Injuries

Residents of Pennsylvania may want to learn more about avoiding injuries in manufacturing jobs. Certain injuries are the most common, and it would be helpful to be aware of what these are.

Most common types of injuries from the National Safety Council

According to reports, the most common injuries in the manufacturing industry are not fatal. They include the following:

  • Sprains, tears and strains – 30%
  • Cuts, punctures and lacerations – 13%
  • Soreness and pain – 12%
  • Fractures – 11%
  • Bruises and contusions – 7%

Causes of injuries differ

These injuries have a variety of causes, and the majority of them are preventable. The National Safety Council mentions that these include the following:

  • Contact with objects, such as boxes and equipment – 34%
  • Overexertion – 32%
  • Slips, trips and falls – 18%
  • Repetitive motions – 6%
  • Exposure to harmful substances and harmful environments – 5%

How can businesses avoid these injuries?

To lessen the chance of workers’ compensation claims from injury, a culture of safety must be in place at every work site. Training in using equipment as well as the proper use of personal protective equipment is necessary. Using signage and safety markers enhances the safety of employees, especially as they enter an area that has heavy equipment or hazardous substances.

Why it is smart to invest in safety

Making a working and manufacturing environment safe has benefits, even though it may cost more initially to provide training, protection and signage. In 2017, workers’ compensation costs in the country amounted to $60 billion for the year. Thus, preventing injury is an investment worth making.

If you or a loved one has received an injury on the job, whether in manufacturing or another industry, it is wise to contact an attorney with experience in workers’ compensation law. They may represent you in negotiations with the insurance company while helping get the benefits you need.