Negotiating with the insurance company

Insurance companies do not generally write big checks willingly after an accident. It is an expense for them that comes out of their bottom line. This does not mean that they will not settle a claim for a reasonable amount, however. The claimant just needs to negotiate with the insurance company in order to achieve their rightful settlement.

The most important thing that a claimant needs when filing a claim is information. They should know exactly how much their car and other elements of their claim are valued. This will help neutralize the biggest advantage that the insurance company has, namely that it knows way more about valuation than the claimants. Studying ahead of time will make it less likely that the claimant will rush to accept what the insurance company initially offers.

In fact, the insurance company will almost never make their best offer first. They will usually low-ball claims, trying to see what the claimant is willing to accept before getting down to business with settlement negotiations. It is almost always in someone’s best interest to negotiate with the insurance company because that may be the only way to get what they deserve. They should usually reject the insurance company’s initial offer because there is room for improvement in the dollar amount. It never hurts to make a counteroffer through a demand letter.

Negotiating with an insurance company takes some skill and experience that many claimants do not have since they do not frequently do it. This is where a motor vehicle accidents attorney may be helpful. The attorney might do the work of assessing the value of the claim and gauging how far off the initial settlement offer is. Then, the attorney may assist their client by drafting and making the counteroffer to the insurance company for a possible settlement.