New exploration of mechanism behind TBI

Any citizen of Pennsylvania who has endured a severe blow or trauma to the head is at risk of a traumatic brain injury. This type of injury, also known as a TBI, has the potential to be a devastating life event. It is possible to lose nearly any number of functions from a TBI.

Research into this critical issue has revealed useful new truths about the precise way in which the damage is created. One major source of the harm in a traumatic brain injury appears to be the way that pressure waves interact with the structure of the brain.

Pressure waves in the brain, such as those caused by a single strong impact or many small ones, have the possibility to create small bubbles throughout the organ. This phenomenon is known as microcavitation. The formation and dispersal of these bubbles may be the mechanism that causes at least some of the physical injury to the internal, microscopic structure of the brain.

People who have suffered a TBI in an accident that was not entirely their fault have the right to expect compensation from all liable parties. They may need to undergo medical treatment, ranging from immediate hospitalization for treatment to long-term care and rehabilitation, and these treatments can be costly. An attorney may be able to help examine evidence, file a claim and provide representation for injured people who are unwilling or unable to appear in court.

Source: Student Science, “Bubbles May Underlie Trauma’s Brain Injury”, Sid Perkins, Dec. 13, 2015