New rule rolled out after delay

After delays brought on by the Trump administration, a new rule that impacts new drivers took effect on June 5. The rule requires truckers in Pennsylvania and around the country who receive their CDL on or after Feb. 7, 2020 to take behind-the-wheel training. However, there is no minimum number of hours of such training needed to get a license. This is a point of contention as original drafts of the rule required at least 30 hours of such training.

It also requires individuals who are who wish to get their CDL on or after that date to be trained by someone on a new FMCSA trainer registry. To be on the registry, a trainer must be certified and meet other Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration criteria. Companies that wish to provide their own training programs must also make sure that they are on the registry. The rule also provides a core curriculum for use in training all drivers who are impacted by it.

Truck accidents can cause serious injuries to occupants of other vehicles that are involved in the collision. Many injured victims are unable to return to work while they are recuperating, adding an additional layer of financial hardships already exacerbated by the high costs of medical care.

When it can be determined that the accident was the result of a truck driver who had received insufficient training, a personal injury attorney acting on behalf of an injured party might choose to file a lawsuit that names the trucking company as an additional defendant. Damages sought could include lost wages, medical bills and other applicable amounts.