Nursing Home Abuse and Wrongful Death: Families Seeking Justice From “Killer Nurse”

Nursing homes often have negative reputations, as abuse and mistreatment are frequently an issue in them. For several families of residents at a Lower Burrell, PA, nursing home, abuse by one nurse went unnoticed for quite some time, resulting in wrongful death.

It’s critical to understand nursing home abuse and recognize the signs; it could save your loved one’s life. If your elderly loved one has suffered harm or untimely death at the hands of another party, do not wait to seek legal guidance from a qualified attorney.

Lower Burrell Nurse Had a History of Abuse and Killing

Two lawsuits have been filed against a nurse in Lower Burrell who killed nursing home residents with a lethal dose of insulin. 

Heather Pressdee’s years-long abuse and killing spree came to an end this past May with her arrest. Between fall 2018 and May 2023, Pressdee worked at 12 different facilities and has been linked to 22 incidents at five of those facilities. 

In the most recent lawsuit, the family of a 92-year-old resident, who passed away two years ago, had always been under the impression their loved one passed from natural causes. However, investigators with the state Attorney General’s office contacted them to inform them they believed her death was a result of a criminal act.

Pressdee had a history of resident and staff abuse at prior facilities, but Belair, the nursing home where the 92-year-old patient was killed, still hired her. The deceased resident’s family attorney pointed out Belair had flawed hiring practices.

The nursing home, as well as its parent company, face liability for negligent hiring. Administrators were aware of rumors circulating that Pressdee was harming residents, but they did nothing to stop it.

Recognizing the Signs of Nursing Home Abuse

Pressdee’s story is not uncommon. Nursing home abuse is more common than it should be, resulting in injury and death to elderly individuals every single year.

The signs of elder abuse typically depend on the type of abuse. Some abused victims show physical signs, including bedsores, bruises, and broken bones. Residents may also show signs of malnourishment and dehydration or become ill seemingly out of the blue.

Abuse victims may also show emotional signs. They may become more withdrawn or begin exhibiting unusual behavior. 

When members of nursing home staff are abusing relatives, they may try to cut off communication between the resident and their family as much as possible. They aim to isolate abused residents to help ensure the abuse is not detected.

Seeking Legal Assistance From an Experienced Attorney

If your loved one is showing signs of abuse or you believe their death is the result of nursing home abuse or neglect, do not wait to get legal help from a qualified attorney. 

A skilled lawyer can address your questions and concerns, provide guidance and support, and represent your best interests throughout your case to obtain the best possible case result for you and your loved one.