Nursing Home Falls

Many families must make the difficult decision to move an aging parent or loved one into a nursing home. While we trust they will receive good care and be protected from harm, nursing home falls are a common occurrence.

If your loved one is injured in a nursing home fall, you may not know where to turn for the legal assistance you need. At Ainsman Levine, LLC, we handle all types of personal injury cases and are well-equipped to handle your case.

What Causes Nursing Home Falls?

Nearly half of nursing home patients fall at least once a year. The limited mobility of patients is a risk factor for falling. While the age and fragility of many nursing home residents also contribute to the frequency of nursing home falls, other causes include:

  • Wet floors due to cleaning or spills – If a nursing home is understaffed, it may not be able to timely address spills or hazards, which can result in a resident falling.
  • Hallways cluttered with medical equipment – Nursing homes and assisted living facilities may lack storage for medical equipment, and that equipment left in a hallway can create a tripping hazard for residents.
  • Poorly maintained flooring – If floors are not properly maintained, buckled flooring or gaps in tile can create fall hazards for nursing home residents.
  • Lack of support railings – For nursing home residents who have trouble ambulating, the absence of support railings or guards can result in a fall.

How Can Nursing Homes Protect Against Falls?

Although some falls cannot be prevented, nursing homes should take every precaution to ensure their residents’ safety. Even without adequate staffing, nursing homes and assisted living facilities can implement safety measures to protect against falls, including:

  • Installing handrails and grab bars in hallways and patient restrooms
  • Making mobility aids, such as walkers and wheelchairs, readily available
  • Monitoring hallways and common areas for the prompt removal of any clutter or trip hazards
  • Providing safe and appropriate footwear for residents

What Can I Do If My Loved One Fell at a Nursing Home?

Nursing homes and assisted living facilities are often understaffed, and staff turnover is common. The inability to retain reliable staff means that those employed are often burdened with patient loads they are ill-equipped to handle. Unfortunately, this puts the entire patient population at risk.

If your loved one was severely injured at a nursing home due to negligence, they need an advocate. Talk to your loved one about the incident and investigate how the fall occurred. You can request the patient’s file and any accident reports before contacting a lawyer to prove the nursing home’s liability. 

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