Overlooked Dangers That Confront Public Safety Workers

We know about the obvious risks faced by public safety workers. Just about every say, law enforcement officers, firefighters and paramedics face dangers that the average person would not expect on the job.

Natural disasters, illnesses and physical attacks are among these risks that may lead to injuries requiring hospitalization. However, some hazards often remain overlooked by the very people that public safety workers protect, and these risks are not so obvious.

Heart problems and infections

Public safety officers usually know about the hazards they face because they are trained in what to expect and how to protect themselves. But some of those injuries creep in. They include:

  • Heart and respiratory issues: Heart health remains a concern due to stressful and tension-filled working conditions that include extreme physical exertion. The inhalation of smoke and chemicals also leads to damage to the lungs and esophagus.
  • Injuries to the back, head, neck and shoulders: A job that requires much physical work can damage the human body. Lifting people, altercations with suspects, falling from ladders and buildings, and trauma from motor vehicle crashes are among the hazards faced.
  • Exposure to infections, including bloodborne pathogens: The COVID-19 virus has been at the top of this list for the past two years, and public safety workers face this threat every day. Contact with blood, saliva and other bodily fluids containing pathogens such as HIV and hepatitis is another danger.

There are many job-related dangers faced by public safety workers. It is time that the public knows more about them. The families of public safety workers already are well-aware of the obstacles faced by their loved ones.

Find the right ally

An abrupt injury may lead to the forced retirement of a public safety worker who is no longer able to perform his or her duties. And such injuries also may threaten their lives and well-being. The hazards related to such jobs are many, and some of them remain overlooked. These are the times to seek a reliable legal advocate.