Parking lots can pose a danger of workplace injuries

Workers in Pennsylvania may have significant concerns when it comes to their safety in the workplace; in fact, one of the most common sites of danger on the job can be the parking lot or garage. These areas have some attributes that can make them a frequent location of on-the-job injuries, such as the presence of speeding or careless drivers, pedestrians walking irregularly, blind spots due to parked cars, numerous turns and delivery trucks and other large, frequently stopped vehicles.

Distracted driving, including the use of cell phones and other devices, is known to be a menace on the roadways. A 2016 survey conducted by the National Safety Council highlighted that 67 percent of drivers felt at risk due to others’ technological distractions, while 25 percent implicated their own distracted behavior. However, parking lots are a much more common site of distracted driving, including phone calls, texts and even makeup application.

Because parking lots are part of the premises, they are part of the job site; accidents and injuries that take place there are considered recordable by OSHA as work-related injuries. Increasing parking lot safety can be an important initiative for employers to take in order to prevent injuries. This can include signage and campaigns highlighting safe driving practices inside parking lots and garages, as well as encouraging back-in parking areas for safer departures. Lot design, such as the creation of one-way lanes, can also help to reduce speed and cut down on distractions.

Despite precautions, far too many workers are injured in parking lots while on the job. Workers who have fallen victim to a parking lot accident may have the right to compensation for their damages and expenses sustained as a result. A workers’ compensation lawyer may be able to work together with an injured employee to seek recompense and other damages.