Pittsburgh bicyclists are often at the mercy of bad drivers

Using a bicycle instead of an automobile to get around is great exercise and often more convenient. Many people in Pittsburgh choose to leave their cars at home and ride their bike around the city whenever possible.

Most of the time, riders must share the road with much larger motor vehicles. Drivers should respect cyclists’ right to the road, but unfortunately that does not always happen. When a driver fails to keep a reasonable lookout for bicycles, takes reckless chances, or is actively hostile to cyclists, the results can be deadly.

Even when wearing a helmet, riders have little bodily protection if a car or truck strikes them. Head and spinal injuries are common, and many victims suffer the loss of a limb. Sadly, sometimes bike riders are killed.

Bad drivers are not the only hazards cyclists can face. Unkempt roadways can force riders to skid on debris. Dangerous dogs that are not sufficiently controlled by their owners often attack riders. Even a parked car can be dangerous, if an unobservant person inside opens a door in front of an approaching bicycle.

Whether you ride your bike to and from work every day, or take it out to ride on weekends, you should be able to get home without getting hurt because of someone else’s negligence. A personal injury attorney cannot prevent their clients from suffering debilitating injuries in bicycle accidents, but they may be able to help them recover damages for hospital bills, lost wages and so on from the responsible parties.