Protecting Loved Ones From Nursing Home Negligence

Choosing a nursing home or assisted living center in western or central Pennsylvania for an elderly loved one is often a challenging task. After dedicating time to significant research and facility visits, even your best choice may prove disappointing in the level of care and attention provided to residents.

It is an unfortunate fact that many nursing homes are run by MBAs instead of health care providers and trained professional staff. Though investors of private long-term care facilities make a great deal of money, the level of care and compassion for the elderly and infirm residents rarely meets the expectations that family members were promised.

Experienced Western And Central Pennsylvania Nursing Home Wrongful Death Lawyers

Death is a frequent and expected occurrence at long-term care facilities serving the elderly and terminally ill. However, too many deaths occur — or are premature — because of negligence or lack of general observation and care by untrained staff. If your loved one died unexpectedly in a nursing home in western or central Pennsylvania, it is possible that your family has a claim for negligence against the owners or contracted care providers.

Strong Advocates For The Suffering

If your loved one suffered injury or death due to nursing home negligence and malpractice in Pennsylvania, you have a legal advocate at Ainsman Levine, LLC, in Pittsburgh. We offer a free consultation with an attorney where you can share concerns and have your questions answered.

Not all nursing home injuries are caused by negligent care or professional malpractice. However, when certain injuries occur, the underlying cause can often be traced to improper care and safety procedures. Please contact our firm if you notice or suspect any of the following:

  • Medication errors
  • Drops and falls
  • Bedsores and infection/sepsis
  • Broken bones and dislocated joints
  • Malnutrition and dehydration
  • Sexual or physical assault
  • Escapes from the building and wandering

Nursing Home Negligence Cases Handled On A Contingency Fee Basis

The lawyers at our firm represent those who are elderly and cannot defend themselves against neglect and abuse. We work to hold accountable those responsible for nursing home neglect and malpractice, including the administration, management, staff and medical professionals.

At Ainsman Levine, LLC, our attorneys provide experienced and personalized legal services tailored to meet clients’ short- and long-term needs and goals. We are Pittsburgh’s straight-talking personal injury lawyers.

Our offices are just off the Parkway, next to the City-County Building in downtown Pittsburgh. Contact us to discuss your questions and concerns with one of our experienced Pittsburgh nursing home negligence lawyers today. As long as you are represented by this law firm, there will be no attorneys’ fees or costs if you do not recover money damages in a settlement or jury verdict.

We understand that your injuries or other circumstances may make it difficult for you to come to our offices in downtown Pittsburgh. Our lawyers can arrange to make home, office and hospital visits throughout western and central Pennsylvania.