Justice for Boy Scouts of America Sexual Abuse Survivors

In recent years, national institutions have faced a reckoning as survivors of child sexual abuse bravely come forward to share their stories. Pennsylvania continues to investigate child sex abuse claims in the Boy Scouts of America (BSA). Over 83,000 abuse claims have been filed against the BSA, with 1,700 claims of sexual abuse made against BSA councils in Pennsylvania alone. We stand firmly with survivors of this horrible institutional abuse.

The allegations against BSA stretch back decades exposing shocking truths about the organization’s failure to protect its young members from predatory individuals. The sheer number of claims made against Boy Scouts councils in Pennsylvania alone is alarming, representing a profoundly distressing betrayal of trust and an unequivocal call for justice. The need for systemic change is urgent. In the meantime, the experienced attorneys at Ainsman Levine, LLC will do everything in our power to help survivors obtain justice.

Catholic and Protestant Clergy Abuse

In 2018, a Pennsylvania grand jury investigation sent shockwaves through the state when it exposed a dark truth hidden for decades. The report revealed that more than 1,000 children had suffered sexual abuse by over 300 PA Roman Catholic priests between 1970 and 2000. The grand jury’s report compelled Pennsylvania to reevaluate its child sexual abuse laws, leading to crucial changes that aimed to provide greater support and avenues for justice for survivors.

Extension of Statute of Limitations

Following the release of the grand jury’s report, Pennsylvania took a significant step forward in 2019 when the state extended the civil statute of limitations for child sexual abuse victims. This extension now permits victims to file civil suits until they reach the age of 55, allowing survivors more time to seek legal recourse and heal. Individuals abused between the ages of 18 and 24 now have until they turn 30 to file their lawsuits under state law.

Limitations on Pre-2019 Cases

While these changes present a significant improvement for survivors, it is important to note that cases of abuse occurring before 2019 still fall under the previous civil statute of limitations. Under the old statute, adults are given just two years from the date of the abuse to file a case, while child survivors have until they turn 30 to initiate legal proceedings.

Contact a Child Sexual Abuse Attorney

The unveiling of the widespread sexual abuse perpetrated by Roman Catholic priests in Pennsylvania initiated a long-overdue reckoning with child sexual abuse and its devastating consequences in state institutions. Although progress has been made, persistent limitations on pre-2019 cases and roadblocks to legislative reform highlight the ongoing struggle for justice.

At Ainsman Levine, LLC, we believe that it is our duty to stand alongside survivors as we strive for a future where their rights are protected, their voices are heard, and justice is achieved. Contact us online or call us at 412-338-9030 for a free consultation with a Pennsylvania child sexual abuse attorney.