Injuries Cased By Dangerous Building Conditions

Homeowners and owners of properties used for business, recreation or public services in Pennsylvania are responsible for ensuring that the buildings and grounds are kept reasonably free from hazards that may cause injury or death to visitors and workers. This responsibility extends to parking lots and sidewalks on the outside, as well as the safe design and upkeep of interior features and utilities throughout the building.

People injured in premises liability accidents have two basic avenues for pursuing a claim under Pennsylvania’s premises liability laws. First, the premises must be maintained to prevent avoidable hazards that may develop over the course of operations. This includes such things as cleaning up spills in a timely fashion, repairing loose steps and handrails, and fixing dangerous cracks and potholes that can cause tripping hazards to pedestrians. Second, the property owner also shares liability for dangerous conditions resulting from unsafe design and construction of the building, even if the dangerous condition is not immediately evident. This can include unsafe electrical wiring that causes a fire, falling overhead garage doors, improper loading dock safety features and insufficient HVAC air filtration.

Experienced Pennsylvania Safety Hazard Injury Attorney

If you were injured in a building or on a business property because of an unsafe design or defective utility or component of the building anywhere in western or central Pennsylvania, call Ainsman Levine, LLC, in Pittsburgh. We are an experienced team of premises liability litigation attorneys with a successful record of helping people recover the full and fair compensation they are entitled to from the property owner’s insurance.

Multiple Levels Of Liability

Property owners and managers are quick to point their finger at other parties when something goes wrong and causes serious injury or death. Premises liability claims resulting from defective design or building defects may include multiple defendants, including the property owner, maintenance subcontractors, HVAC and electrical installation companies, and even the architectural firm responsible for the design and use of materials. We have the professional experience and resources to thoroughly investigate the causes of the accident and the full extent of liability for compensation from all parties.

Premises Liability Claims Handled On A Contingency Fee Basis

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