Proceed carefully after you get into a car crash

If you have been unlucky enough to be involved in a car accident in your life, then you know how tumultuous and chaotic the moments after metal meets metal can be. Some people aren’t able to handle these post-accident moments, and they do one of two things: they either panic and flee the scene, or they get angry and upset, leading to a more stressful and less productive post-accident discussion with the other people involved in the crash.

Fleeing the scene is the worst thing you can do, turning an accident that could be worked out through good-faith intentions on the part of the people involved into a criminal act. Getting angry and animated is also a poor approach, as it elevates the tension in an already-tense moment.

But avoiding bad behavior is only one part of dealing with the moments after a motor vehicle crash. What should you do when you car is struck or you hit another vehicle?

  • Be cool, calm, and collected. Approach the other people involved in the crash and see if they are okay.
  • If they are injured or in need of medical assistance, call 911 and provide any assistance the responder on the other end of the line tells you to provide.
  • If everyone is okay or medical responders are treating the injured — and you are feeling well enough yourself — then you can take pictures of the accident scene and talk to witnesses. That information could be critical if you are considering taking legal action.

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