Reform potential high with autonomous trucks

A trucking accident on a Pennsylvania highway can have catastrophic consequences for occupants of other vehicles. Although there have been important reforms in the trucking industry to ensure that drivers obtain optimum amounts of rest and drive safely, there is room for improvement. Autonomous trucks could provide a key to significantly increasing productivity while solving many of the greatest safety problems.

Driver fatigue is a significant concern with regard to semi truck accidents , and experts indicate that as high-level autonomous trucks become available, there will be potential for drivers to rest while on the move. Further, the possibility of working on logistics and other details while driving could become reality with these high-level solutions. Although some worry that self-driving rigs could cause the loss of trucking jobs, live drivers will continue to be necessary in this type of vehicle. However, there are still significant obstacles to the technology become a standard in the industry.

Infrastructure is an area that is controlled by the public sector, which means that private companies are dependent on public agencies to move forward with updating the nation’s roads. Communication tools between the roads and the vehicles are crucial for safe operation, and signage will need to be updated as well. Furthermore, the legal issues surrounding autonomous trucks will need to be worked out. The additional cost for self-driving technology could be approximately $30,000, but the potential savings through improved productivity has not yet been computed.

While the new technology seems promising and could dramatically reduce the number of semi-truck accidents, collisions could still occur for a variety of reasons, including a glitch in the system or human error. An attorney could assist an injured victim who is seeking compensation by reviewing the computer data as well as the police investigation report and other evidence in order to determine the party or parties that should bear financial responsibility.