Road Safety Tips When School Starts in Pennsylvania

As students are getting back to school, all drivers in Pennsylvania need to proceed with caution to protect the lives of children and other people on the road. The reopening of schools after the summer calls for more care because more people are using the road to commute, including teens who have just obtained their licenses. Here are some of the safety tips that both students and other motorists should adopt.

Don’t use your cellphone when on the road

Children should not use their cellphones when crossing or walking by the road. Advise your children to be alert and aware of their environment at all times to be safe. As an adult using a car, don’t use your phone while driving because it is known to be one of the major causes of motor vehicle accidents.

Always be alert

You will need to be twice as alert as you are on normal days once schools have reopened. Children are very unpredictable; you might see kids running into traffic, skateboarding, cycling or moving inappropriately on the road. Keeping an eye out as you drive will help save the lives of those kids.

Look out for any signs on the road

When children are going back to school, there are likely to be more signs that direct drivers on how to maneuver. For example, you will see areas marked “drop-off location,” “pick-up location,” “children crossing,” “parking,” “no parking,” etc. Disobeying any of these signs could create unsafe conditions for children and anyone around you.

Observe the speed limits

When approaching a school zone or any residential area in Pennsylvania, slow down and observe the posted speed limits. Normally, the speed limit around school zones is 20 miles per hour. Even if you don’t see a sign, just drive slowly and cautiously when around such areas.

Always stop or slow down around school buses

It is illegal to not stop for school buses when the red lights are flashing. Moreover, children have a limited sense of danger; they can run out between buses or when boarding or alighting. You ought to be extremely careful when driving around a school bus.

Besides all the above-listed tips, teach your children about traffic safety and etiquette. You should supervise them while using the road to make sure they are heeding your lessons.