Rural roads less safe for drivers than urban roads

Drivers in Pennsylvania may be skeptical of this claim, but rural roads tend to be more dangerous than urban roads. The following are just a few of the reasons why drivers should exercise caution on rural roads.

First is that rural areas can create a false sense of security in drivers. They may think that they can travel down the middle of a two-lane road or exceed the speed limit since there are so few vehicles and likely little to no police presence. Another reason is that most drivers from urban areas are not experienced with traveling rural roads and that this adds to the danger.

Presumption can also lead drivers, especially truck drivers, to neglect wearing their seatbelt. Without a seatbelt, of course, one’s crash injuries can be severe or even fatal. Drivers intoxicated by alcohol may think that rural roads are safer, too.

Rural roads can be narrow, so it’s unsafe to pass on them. They also lack lights, and that includes street lights as well. In addition, drivers are more likely to hit an animal on a rural road, and especially when there are no lights, drivers can be so surprised by the presence of wildlife that they may lose control of their vehicle. Lastly, drivers injured on rural roads must wait longer for medical help.

Where an accident occurred can help determine just how a driver was negligent. Those who were injured and whose losses cannot be covered by their own insurance company may pursue a personal injury case and seek compensation for their economic and non-economic damages, but it may be wise for them to hire a lawyer. The lawyer may bring in third parties to investigate the crash and gather all the proof of the defendant’s negligence before heading off to negotiations.