Safe driving advances and considerations

Pennsylvania roads can be dangerous, making safety an important consideration for those with long commutes. While an individual might think that shortening a commute by 2 miles won’t make much difference in driving safety, this action could reduce one’s personal vehicle miles by 500 over the course of a year. Nationally, all households making a comparable reduction could lower cumulative vehicle miles enough to potentially save nearly 550 more lives annually. The financial benefits of such a reduction could be another factor that might prompt commuters to re-think their routes.

Technology may hold further answers for a more dramatic reduction of fatality accidents. Seat belts, for example, are attributed with saving an estimated average of nearly 12,000 lives per year, which equates to significant financial savings as well. Efforts have been underway with various vehicle manufacturers and tech companies to create tech-driving solutions for promoting safer driving while minimizing the potential for car accidents.

One major concern that the government tends to consider in determining how and when to implement new safety technology requirements is the financial value of such regulations. While safety belts have been extremely valuable for reducing fatality accidents, valuing the benefits of new technologies is still being balanced against potential problems like hacking. Additionally, the cost to consumers to implement such technologies must be considered. Studies have estimated that seat belts, for example, cost less than $1,000 per automobile. High-tech vehicles like self-driving cars may be more costly, but consumers may find that reductions in insurance rates provide a balance.

An auto accident can leave an individual dealing with many financial and medical problems. Insurance coverage is typically a first avenue for obtaining compensation for these issues. However, cases involving alcohol, distracted driving, or other negligent behavior on the part of the responsible driver might warrant further action through legal avenues.