Safer cars on the horizon with Volvo

Most of the Pennsylvania populace is concerned with the safety of the cars that they purchase, choosing vehicles that have better safety features than others. Volvo, long known for working to make its cars safer, has now said that they plan to have cars that will prevent accident fatalities by 2020.

By adding more safety features and combining them, Volvo says that the vehicles will make it much easier to avoid accident involvement when people drive them in a normal way. They will include such things as a combination of cruise control and the use of radar that monitors the distance from the car ahead, applying brakes for the driver if needed.

Another feature Volvo intends to use in its cars is lane assistance. This feature uses cameras that monitor the lane in which the driver is driving and alerts them if they appear to be drifting. The cameras provide alerts to the presence of a pedestrian or cyclist near to the vehicle so that drivers can avoid hitting them. In addition, the drivers will be made aware of the presence of large animals, such as deer or moose, in the road or near it, allowing them time to slow and avoid the animal.

Car manufacturers continue to look for ways to improve the safety of cars. As more manufacturers implement the safety features that are available through advances in technology, the risk of car accidents should decrease. It is still not possible to completely eliminate the possibility of an accident, however. If a person is injured in an accident because of another driver’s negligence, the injured person may decide to file a civil lawsuit. Through a lawsuit, they may be able to obtain the maximum recovery available to them from the insurance company.