Safety protocols for employers

Pennsylvania companies can take steps to make their workplaces safer. Having the right safety equipment and equipment for lifting is important as are safety protocols. Being safe should not come second to increasing productivity. That same principle of prioritizing safety over productivity should be followed when creating employee schedules.

Well-trained employees are less likely to have accidents. Safety training days are important whether the workplace is a factory or an office. Employers can also encourage health and fitness in the workplace with incentives that range from gym memberships to offering healthy snacks, and they can take steps to improve mental health in the workplace. Anger management training and similar programs can help prevent workplace violence.

Slip and fall injuries are a major cause of workplace injuries. In workplaces where employees climb on ladders and roofs, they should be trained to use safety equipment, and the equipment should be checked regularly. Debris in areas where workers walk should be avoided. Spills should be cleaned up quickly so that people do not slip on them, and uneven floors should be clearly marked.

People who are injured in the workplace may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. This is the case regardless of who is responsible for the accident although if the accident occurred because an employer ignored safety protocols, there might be additional steps an employee can take. Attorneys who have experience with these matters will often advise their clients that an employer is not permitted to retaliate against an employee who files a claim for workers’ compensation.