Samsung says it is developing a ‘see-through’ semi truck

The next time you are behind a tractor-trailer on a two-lane highway, afraid to try to pass because you cannot tell if anybody is coming the other way, keep in mind that someday, you may be able to peer through the truck to find out for sure.

Right now, only Superman would have the ability, and he rarely has to drive to get around. The rest of us would need for the truck to be see-through. Believe it or not, Samsung says it has developed a semi truck that is virtually transparent.

The company says its “safety truck” features four large screens mounted on the back of the trailer. The screens are connected wirelessly to a camera mounted on the truck’s grill that streams footage from the truck’s point of view. That way, motorists stuck behind the truck would be able to see if it is safe to pass in the oncoming lane.

Samsung says it built a prototype and tested it in Argentina, a country with many two-lane highways and a huge car crash problem. The prototype is “no longer operational,” but Samsung says it proved that the concept works. The company believes this technology could save many lives.

However, CBS News does not believe that U.S. regulators will allow these trucks onto American highways. One expert predicted that self-driving cars may make “see-through” semis obsolete before they reach the market. She also believes that some drivers would simply ignore the screens and go around, no matter what they show.

Time will tell who is right.