Sharing the Road to Prevent Accidents With Slow Vehicles

Pennsylvania law encourages all drivers to move at a considerable speed and maintain safe distances with others. However, some cars and horse-drawn vehicles go their own way, and their negligence may cause motor vehicle accidents. The following are tips to assist drivers in Pennsylvania when sharing the road with slower vehicles.

Pass slowly

Most drivers become too impatient when running into slow-moving vehicles and want to pass them as quickly as possible. This is never recommended in the presence of a horse-drawn carriage. A horse could get spooked by cars that appear suddenly in its side view and then shoot past them.

Agitated animals or humans that are affected by agitated animals can easily cause motor vehicle accidents. The result is a chain reaction that hurts the carriage driver, other drivers and pedestrians. It’s important to keep a safe distance several feet away from the horse and pass by the animal slowly.

Do not provide too much leniency

A horse-drawn carriage moves more slowly, but it is bound to the same rules of the road as any other vehicle. Some speeds are too slow to be acceptable on the road, and a carriage is not allowed to drive on the side of the road. Carriages should move to the farthest right lane and not remain in the center of the road if they’re holding up traffic.

What happens after an accident occurs?

Car accidents are caused by both fast- and slow-moving vehicles. Injured people should review the state’s personal injury laws and go over their options for legal recourse. There are resources available to help drivers, passengers or pedestrians who are injured on the road due to someone else’s negligence.