Slips and Falls Common in the Education and Health Industry

Pennsylvania is a state that’s home to many thriving industries. Unfortunately, workers in any industry must be aware of certain job-related dangers. With that in mind, one of the most common accidents is slip and fall injuries. So what industry has the highest rate of nonfatal slips and falls? The answer to this question may surprise you.

What industry has the most nonfatal slips and falls?

When thinking about industries known for slips and falls, you may assume these injuries happen the most to construction workers. After all, many workers in this industry find themselves working at dangerous heights or with heavy machinery. You may also think that people working in factories deal with lots of slips and falls.

However, a recent study found that the highest number of slips and falls are happening in the education and health services industry. This sector reported 34,050 nonfatal fall accidents in a single year, which is far more than other industries. One reason that falls happen so often in these environments is due to the gleaming, and sometimes slippery, surfaces found in both schools and medical facilities.

Helpful ways to prevent slip and fall accidents

There are several ways to prevent slips and falls at work. One way to do this is by wearing proper footwear. If you and your co-workers wear nonslip shoes, it can drastically reduce slip and fall injuries. It’s also important for an employer to utilize signage to notify all employees about any unsafe areas.

If your employer doesn’t maintain a safe workplace, it could lead to lots of injuries and increased workers’ compensation claims.

In conclusion, the health services and education industry leads the way in nonfatal slip and fall accidents. If you recently slipped and fell at work, it’s imperative to ensure you receive compensation for your injuries. For assistance with initiating a workers’ compensation claim, consider speaking with a lawyer.