Steps to take after being involved in a car crash

When someone gets into a car accident that was caused by a negligent, drunk or unsafe driver, it can be difficult for him or her to know what to do in such a high-stress situation. However, individuals who get into auto accidents in Pennsylvania and elsewhere around the country need to take certain steps to protect their interests.

First, anyone who is injured should get immediate medical attention. If it’s possible to do safely, the drivers should move their vehicles off the road to prevent further injuries and damage from occurring. The driver who clearly isn’t responsible for the collision should still collect important information from the at-fault driver. This way, if the guilty party leaves the scene of the car crash or fails to follow through with contacting his or her insurance, the other driver already has that person’s name, address, telephone number and insurance company name and policy number. Witness statements and photographs of the accident can also be key pieces of evidence. Police should be called if there are injured parties or a lot of damage.

In most cases, the responsible driver’s insurance will cover any damages that the accident caused. In some cases, however, an insurance company may deny liability. In such cases, an injured party should contact his or her insurance carrier to try to get a settlement. He or she may decide to consult with a personal injury attorney, who may evaluate his or her claim and provide viable legal options.

Car accidents happen without warning and can cause people to sustain serious injuries. If a person who was involved in a crash took the appropriate steps but is still having trouble obtaining compensation for his or her medical costs and other damages, a personal injury lawyer may be able to convince the insurance companies to settle. If this doesn’t work, an attorney may help an injured individual to file a lawsuit.