Suspected drunk driver kills woman in Pittsburgh suburbs

Once again, drinking and driving seems to have cost an innocent person her life in the Pittsburgh area. We all know that drinking and driving don’t mix, but people continue to think that the facts don’t apply to them. Too often, the result is serious injury and death.

In the latest case, a 76-year-old woman was killed when a suspected drunk driver struck the car her husband was driving in a Pittsburgh suburb. According to police, the couple was driving on a state route when they passed a parking lot that the suspect was trying to exit.

It appears that suspect, 39, failed to yield to the victims’ car when leaving the parking lot and pulled into their path. The resulting crash caused fatal blunt force injuries to the woman. Her husband suffered broken bones in his ribs and arm, but was in stable condition as of March 28. The suspect sustained minor injuries. Police were conducting toxicology tests on a blood sample to determine if he was impaired.

The victims’ daughter said that her parents had spent the day in Pittsburgh and were driving home when the crash occurred. She described her mother as a great cook who enjoyed making food for others.

No matter how old a victim of a deadly car accident is, it is still a tragedy. Especially if the accident could have been prevented if everyone involved had acted with sufficient care and attention. Young or old, nobody deserves to have their life cut short by a drunk driver or other negligent motorist.