Teens who use energy drinks suffer more traumatic brain injury

When a Pennsylvania teenager incurs a traumatic brain injury, there are many factors that will be considered as to its cause. One that might not immediately come to mind is the use of energy drinks. However, there is increasing attention being paid to the link between teens who have a brain injury and those were drinking energy drinks beforehand.

Many studies have found a connection between these drinks and TBI. A study reported in Science Daily found that teens who had a TBI in the preceding year drank a minimum of five energy drinks in the previous week in comparison to those who never had a TBI. A common problem that neurologists are concerned with is teens mixing energy drinks with alcohol.

There is a connection between the increase in frequency of brain injury and the use of energy drinks or energy drinks that have been mixed with alcohol. Before this research was conducted, there was a known link between energy drinks and injuries, but there was no specific link to brain injury. These drinks generally contain a large amount of caffeine and caffeine alters the body’s chemical state. This can preclude victims of TBI from healing post-injury. It also factors in that young people are still in the process of brain development.

Traumatic brain injuries can have a variety of causes, from contact sports to falls to a sudden blow to the head during a car accident. A person who has suffered a brain injury as a result of another person’s negligence may want to obtain the advice of a personal attorney in determining how to seek compensation for the damages that have been sustained.