Thanksgiving the start of a deadly time of year

Pennsylvania residents may associate Thanksgiving with happy times. However, doctors know that Thanksgiving may also be one of the deadliest times of the year. In fact, there is an increase in the U.S. death rate throughout most of the winter. In 2013, the death rate was 5 percent higher in December than it was in November according to the CDC. The increased death rate during the winter months is largely attributed to the weather and illnesses such as the flu.

The higher mortality rate on Thanksgiving specifically is associated with heart attacks and car accidents. In 2012, there were 764 fatal crashes on Thanksgiving in addition to 654 that took place on Christmas day that year. Furthermore, there were 50,000 Thanksgiving day crashes that did not result in a fatality. A majority of crashes involved drunk drivers while many were killed because they did not wear a seat belt.

The rise in heart attacks is attributed to increase stress that people may feel around the holiday season. An increase in heart attacks and other heart problems has been seen in warmer climates, so researchers don’t think that shoveling snow or cold weather is causing this increase. In addition to stress, increased consumption of salt, fat and alcohol could be the culprit of some heart attacks or other heart issues during the holidays.

Anyone who is involved in a car accident caused by a distracted or drunk driver may be entitled to compensation for injuries or lost wages. An attorney may be able to review the case to determine if negligence took place. Physical evidence, cell phone records and witness statements may bolster the assertion that negligence was the main factor in an accident occurring. Cases may be settled out of court or resolved through a trial.