The “100 Deadliest Days” Are Dangerous for Everyone

When getting behind the wheel of a car, you do your best to avoid car accidents. You pay attention to the rules of the road, you don’t engage in distracted driving, and you’re aware of what other drivers are doing around you. In spite of all you do to avoid an accident, that may be harder to do once the 100 deadliest days begin in Pennsylvania and around the country.

What are the 100 deadliest days?

People usually use the term “100 days of summer” to reference the summer holidays. During this time, a high number of teens are on the road. Teen drivers represent one of the most dangerous groups of motorists because of the reckless behaviors that they engage in when they are behind the wheel.

An alarming number of teenagers will drink while driving, resulting in a lot of alcohol-related motor vehicle accidents. The tough thing about those crashes is that in motor vehicle accidents where the teen is the driver, nearly two thirds of the people killed or injured in those accidents are other people. This can make driving during the summer time extremely dangerous, so it requires that other motorists exercise extra caution.

One of the key things that the Automobile Association of America has pointed out is that it is up to parents to educate their children on the dangers of distracted or reckless driving. That’s the only way that everyone else can remain safe.

Unfortunately, accidents will continue to happen, and they are usually caused by human error. People who have been injured in a car crash that was caused by the negligence of another motorist might find it advisable to have a lawyer’s assistance when seeking compensation for their medical bills and other losses.