The correlation between trucker health and safe driving

If a trucker is in poor health, they may not be a safe driver. This could have consequences for others on the road in Pennsylvania and elsewhere. If a driver has three or more medical conditions, their risk of getting into an accident could be up to four times greater than normal. This was a key finding of a study conducted by the University of Utah School of Medicine.

Although driver health and safety are correlated, a trucker’s work conditions may make it harder to remain in good shape. In many cases, drivers sit for long hours and have trouble sleeping. It can also be difficult to find healthy food while on the road. As part of the study, the medical records of 49,464 drivers were analyzed. It was discovered that a little over one-third had at least one health issue such as back pain or diabetes that could increase their risk of a crash.

Of those records studied, 82 drivers were in the top risk group that had three or more flagged medical conditions. They were at risk for causing both accidents that could have been avoided and those that caused serious injury. Those who conducted the study say it might be time to look harder at a driver’s health as a complete picture as opposed to trying to isolate each condition individually.

If truck driver fatigue or other types of negligence caused an accident, injured victims may be entitled to compensation. Damages could pay for medical bills, lost wages or lost earnings. Money to replace lost or damaged property may also be available to an accident victim.