The Dangers of Driving in Winter Weather

Winter driving conditions are often treacherous in Pennsylvania, but there are measures drivers can take to greatly increase their chances of reaching their destinations safely. Many winter accidents involve vehicles that have been poorly maintained, and motorists who do not adjust their driving habits to account for slippery road surfaces or reduced visibility cause many others. These accidents are almost always preventable.

Preparation and caution

Before setting out on winter journeys, drivers should check weather reports and plan their trips accordingly. They should also have their vehicles serviced before temperatures plummet and check their tire pressures on a weekly basis during the winter months. When on the road, motorists should slow down, remain vigilant and maintain safe distances. When even one driver acts recklessly in bad weather, the result can be a chain-reaction accident involving dozens of vehicles.

Winter storm causes 66-vehicle pile-up

Several such accidents took place in Clinton County near Lamar and Greene Townships on the evening of December 16, 2020, during a major snowstorm. According to a report from the Pennsylvania State Police, 66 vehicles were involved in several chain-reaction crashes on the westbound lanes of Interstate 80 at approximately 3 p.m. Most of the vehicles involved were semi-tractor trailers. One person succumbed to injuries suffered in the collision, and another died from a medical emergency.

Suing negligent drivers

Motorists who drive recklessly in adverse weather conditions often face civil sanctions when their negligent behavior causes injury, loss or damage to other road users. When pursuing lawsuits involving motor vehicle accidents, experienced personal injury attorneys may gather evidence such as official reports to establish liability. Police accident investigators usually provide details about dangerous behavior prior to a collision, and they may have the vehicle involved inspected for defective safety systems, substandard repairs and poor maintenance.