The future of road safety

All drivers, regardless of experience, age or skill, have one thing in common: they must keep their eyes on the road. Any distraction can turn a routine stop at an intersection into a catastrophic injury, but soon drivers may have a new tool to keep them safe.

A new product, which is endorsed by several media outlets, uses facial recognition technology to alert drivers when their attention is wavering. This technology addresses real concerns that people face every single day. However, having one of these devices only helps keep you focused, it does not mean that all other drivers will stop:

Falling asleep at the wheel

On long drives, short drives or anything in between, if the person behind the wheel is sleep-deprived then they pose a huge risk. So-called drowsy driving is a well-known hazard, that has been causing injuries and fatalities on the roadways across the country for decades.

Checking their smart-phones

Whether it is checking text messages or answering phone calls, some people just can’t stand to be out of touch for even a second. When these people drive, their lack of attention is a danger to everyone else on the road.

Losing focus during a long drive

A long drive has a way of sapping all your focus after a while. A person, such as a commercial truck driver, doesn’t necessarily have to fall asleep during this time, but they may have a lapse in judgment at a crucial moment that could lead to catastrophe.

Having trouble with difficult driving conditions

There is distracted driving, and then there is driving with extreme focus to the exclusion of everything else. In bad weather conditions or if driving a vehicle that is hard to control, a person might spend all their attention on keeping in the lane, rather than on other vehicles.

Paying attention is only half the battle

You should do everything in your power to keep yourself safe and alert on the road. However, you cannot control everything, so if you are injured in an accident caused by another driver who did not take the same steps you did, you have options.