The Most Common Motorcycle Accident Scenarios

As a motorcyclist in Pennsylvania, you want to be as safe as possible. There’s more to safety, though, than wearing the right protective gear. You may want to know what the most common types of motorcycle accidents are and how to avoid similar situations.

When a car turns left in front of you

The most common motorcycle accident involves a car turning left at an intersection without seeing the motorcyclist. Motorcyclists should slow down and cover their brakes if they suspect that something like this will happen. They should do the same whenever there’s a gap in traffic near driveways and parking lots.

Never drive between an active traffic lane and a row of parked cars because motorcyclists often injure themselves when drivers open their doors. Another common scenario involves cars changing lanes and hitting motorcyclists in their blind spot. Stay out of blind spots and watch the car tires for any movement into your lane.

Anticipating sharp turns

Many motorcyclists wipe out because they take sharp turns too quickly. It’s important to anticipate the direction a road takes based on visual clues like telephone poles. Once they are in the turn, motorcyclists should follow the rule of “Slow in, fast out,” all the while avoiding any patches of gravel or leaves. Motorcyclists should learn to use their front brake so that it never locks on them.

An attorney for motorcycle accident cases

When motorcycle crashes are the fault of passenger vehicle drivers and not motorcyclists, the latter may file a claim against the driver’s insurance company in the effort to seek compensation. Pennsylvania is a no-fault state, so only victims whose losses exceed the injury threshold can file a third-party insurance claim. To find out what your options are as the victim of another’s negligence, you may want to meet with an attorney.