Tips for Helping a Loved One Recover From a Serious Accident

If someone you love was recently hurt in a catastrophic accident, you might be unsure of how you can help your loved one through the recovery process.

Helping them get organized

Your loved one likely has a lot going on after a severe accident – and that comes with a lot of paperwork and appointments to manage. It can be incredibly overwhelming to keep track of everything when they are also dealing with painful injuries, medication side effects and emotional distress.

Getting them organized can provide tremendous relief. For instance, you might:

  • Put all their appointments in an easily accessible calendar
  • Collect and file medical bills and receipts
  • Set up auto-pay for bills like utilities and rent or mortgages to prevent missed payments
  • Create a meal train
  • Stock their medical supplies in an accessible place

These tasks may seem insignificant after a serious accident, but they can help ease stress and confusion.

Calling in the professionals

No one should have to fill all the roles associated with recovering from traumatic injuries. You need not be your loved one’s doctor, nurse, therapist, personal chauffeur and housekeeper. While you may occasionally step into these roles, calling in professionals can ultimately be in everyone’s best interest.

For instance, you can call:

  • An attorney to file a legal claim and pursue financial remedies
  • Care providers to make referrals and connect you with in-home care help and counselors
  • Housecleaners and food service providers
  • Daycares, nannies and others who can help with childcare
  • Personal aids
  • Transportation agencies

Whether these are paid, free or sponsored services, working with one or more of these parties can ease the stress on you and provide relief for your loved one.

Getting support for yourself

Catastrophic injuries don’t just affect those who sustain them; they can also affect loved ones. For instance, you can struggle with taking over household duties or caregiving responsibilities. You can be feeling overwhelmed, stressed and anxious.

Under these circumstances, it can be incredibly challenging to help others without getting help yourself.

It is crucial that you get support, too. This could mean speaking with a therapist, connecting with support groups and taking time for yourself.

Recovering from a devastating accident is difficult – for the injured parties and those who love them. These tips can make this experience a little easier.