Tips for improving construction safety

Construction workers in Pennsylvania are no doubt aware of how dangerous their industry is with thousands of injuries and deaths occurring on construction sites every year. As for the employers, there is much they can do to improve construction safety and prevent accidents. Below are four of the most helpful tips.

The first is to provide adequate safety training so that employees know what hazards are common and how to spot those that are not so common. The important thing is to create a safety-minded culture where workers look out for one another and promptly report unsafe conditions without fear of punishment. There should also be someone around who is certified in CPR and first aid.

Second, employees should be given the right to have personal protective equipment, which can include boots, hard hats, gloves, goggles and safety harnesses. These can prevent falls, burn injuries, noise-induced hearing loss and more. It also gets the message across to employees that those above them care for their safety.

Third, employers can use new technology to improve safety. Various apps are available that can, for example, send weather alerts or determine heat index values. Also, it’s paramount that employers follow all OSHA safety guidelines. They can, with their subcontractors, create a safety plan specific to the job site.

Fortunately for those construction employees who are injured on the job, they generally can file for workers’ compensation benefits regardless of who was at fault and, if the employer does not deny payment, be reimbursed for several things. First, they will receive a portion of their lost wages. Second, they will have all medical expenses covered. Third, they may be reimbursed for any temporary or permanent disabilities they incurred. Victims may want a lawyer to help them file the claim and, if necessary, handle any appeals.