Traumatic brain injuries and technology

Traumatic brain injuries are a growing concern in Pennsylvania and the rest of the country. These serious injuries happen to people in workplace accidents or sudden falls, while playing sports and in many other situations. They can lead to permanent disability and a lifetime of medical care and treatment.

TBIs cause 2.2 million visits to U.S. emergency rooms each year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. These injuries also result in 50,000 deaths annually around the country. Because of the extent of the problem, several companies have worked to develop new technologies to address and track the issue.

BlackBox Biometrics has developed a device that athletes can wear inside of their caps. This device is designed to monitor athletes, helping to determine whether or not helmets should be required for their sports. Analog Devices, Inc., created technology that measures the number and strength of blows athletes receive to their heads. The information is relayed in real time to smartphones and medical personnel to better help them with determining when an athlete needs medical attention.

There has been a strong focus over the past few years on brain injuries incurred by pro football players and other athletes, and rightfully so. However, these types of traumas can be incurred in other situations, such as a fall after slipping on a wet surface in a supermarket or in a motor vehicle collision caused by an impaired, speeding or otherwise negligent driver. When a head injury is caused by another party’s negligence, an attorney might suggest filing a personal injury lawsuit seeking compensation for the losses that have been sustained.