Truck Accident Statistics Are Getting Worse

Truck accidents are on the rise throughout Pennsylvania. There are more trucks on the road these days, raising the risk of accidents and increasing their number. This situation is only going to grow worse in the coming years as the amount of economic activity expands even more.

Truck accidents are on the rise

The number of truck accident fatalities is up 52% since 2009, but this doesn’t tell the entire story. Truck accidents have increased in general. Every accident injury is significant in the life of the person who experiences it. The rise of online shopping has jolted the trucking industry in the country. Now, companies such as Amazon and Walmart have entire fleets on the road to get packages to their destinations. These large vehicles are all competing for space on the highways they share with passenger cars. At the same time, there is a truck driver shortage that forces trucking companies to put less experienced drivers behind the wheel to keep up with demand.

Passenger vehicles are more at risk

The proliferation of trucks on the roads is a growing menace for drivers of personal vehicles and their passengers. Almost three-quarters of fatal vehicle accidents involve a large truck. Two-thirds of these fatalities are occupants of the smaller vehicle. Truck accidents impose a large cost on injured drivers. The vast disparity in size between massive, fully-loaded trucks and smaller automobiles can cause serious injuries in a collision. Most drivers do not walk away unharmed from an accident involving a truck. Unfortunately, these incidents are becoming more common, and the problem shows no sign of abating.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a truck crash, you should contact a motor vehicle accidents attorney to learn more about your legal rights. You may be entitled to significant financial compensation for your injuries. You could file an insurance claim or a lawsuit against the trucking company to recover what you legally deserve.