Truck drivers may face greater testing for sleep apnea

Truckers in Pennsylvania may soon be subject to additional screenings for sleep apnea. In April, the Supreme Court refused to hear a case involving a man who said a trucking company violated his rights by making him test for the condition. The man, who had a note from his doctor saying the test wasn’t necessary, claimed that Crete Carrier violated the Americans with Disabilities Act.

With the potential for lawsuits now reduced, companies may require that drivers take sleep apnea tests. They may also require that drivers pay for those tests. While there are many different forms of the condition, obstructive sleep apnea is the most common. It causes a person to stop breathing while asleep, which causes a person to wake up. A bad diet, poor sleep pattern or lack of exercise may contribute to the condition.

According to one expert who studies sleep apnea, being a trucker is almost tailor made for someone to develop the condition. This is because it is a solitary job with a lifestyle that increases the risk of someone becoming obese or otherwise out of shape. Truckers with sleep apnea are involved in five times as many preventable crashes compared to drivers who don’t have the condition.

Workers who are exposed to unsafe working conditions may face an increased risk of getting hurt. Those who are hurt while on the job may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. These benefits may help to pay some of an injured worker’s salary while they are at home recovering. Compensation may also help to pay any medical bills associated with the injury. An attorney may be able to help those who wish to file a claim or otherwise have questions about their claim.