Typical Causes of Injuries at Construction Sites

Construction sites in Pennsylvania and around the country are known to be some of the most dangerous work environments. With the combination of heavy machinery, unstable surfaces and lots of loose materials, it’s no surprise that working as a construction worker is a very risky job. While the pay can be lucrative, you might end up injuring yourself in one of the following ways.


One of the biggest culprits of injuries on construction sites that leads to workers’ compensation claims is falling. Construction workers commonly work on unstable surfaces that may be anywhere from a couple of feet to a few hundred feet up in the air. One misstep can lead to an unintentional fall.

Falling objects

Another cause of a potential injury is a falling object. With a lot of heavy machinery moving around at construction sites, it’s not uncommon for materials to become dislodged and drop. Even failure in safety equipment, like a strap breaking, can cause objects to come tumbling down.


As construction workers build new infrastructure, they commonly encounter electrical wires. When these live wires are accidentally exposed, workers may be electrocuted. While you may take multiple safety precautions to avoid live wires, slips and falls could put you right on top of an electrocution hazard.

Run over or hit by machinery

Construction sites are notorious for having lots of machinery and vehicles. Unfortunately, the more vehicles and heavy machinery, the higher the likelihood that a worker may end up getting run over or hit. Many construction site injuries involve a worker being crushed between a vehicle and another immovable object like a building or wall.

The construction industry is one of the most dangerous industries to work in. If you’ve been injured at your construction job, it’s important to seek legal help to claim your workers’ compensation benefits.