Unusual accident caught on video

Pennsylvania is a busy tourist destination each summer, in addition to being home for many people and a center of commerce and industry. Correspondingly, there are many cars, trucks and other vehicles on Pennsylvania roads, and drivers need to be particularly careful to be aware of those other vehicles, along with their surroundings. Failure to do so can result in both minor and serious injuries for themselves and others.

One recent car accident in Pennsylvania was caught on video and has become a viral sensation. The video was captured as the event happened live by a camera just outside WPVI-TV studios.

It features a man driving a red Cadillac who failed to notice that cars in front of him had stopped. He slammed directly into one of those cars, causing it to slam into a car in front of it, which in turn caused that car to slam into another car in front of it as well. These kinds of chain reaction accidents can be very dangerous, often resulting in an array of serious injuries to the occupants of the vehicles, as well as damage to the vehicles themselves.

In this accident, the man in the red Cadillac who started the calamitous chain reaction actually climbed out of his car’s sunroof even though his car was still in motion. He then ran off, which of course is something that no one should ever do after causing an accident.

He returned to the scene, almost 45 minutes later, in a Pennsylvania State Police car. However, although he seemed to be given a ticket of some kind, he was allowed to drive off in the red Cadillac. That might not be the end of the story though, as victims of car accidents like these often have strong legal cases seeking compensation for injuries and suffering.