Van overturns on Route 8, closing road

An accident on Route 8 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania left the road shut down and officials wondering just what in the world happened. A white van was driving down Route 8 when it caught the curb and was pulled towards a pole. The van collided with the pole and rolled over, leaving the driver of the vehicle rattled and the vehicle itself in a very damaged state.

The driver elaborated on how the accident happened. It sounds like another vehicle on Route 8 was in front of the van, so the driver tried to pass it. However, the other vehicle was straying over the white line, forcing the van to try to avoid it. That’s when the van caught the curb and, then, the pole.

Amazingly, the driver of the van wasn’t hurt. Take a look at the photo from the accident scene in our source article and you’ll see why that’s pretty amazing.

Now we can only wonder what forced the other driver to stray from their lane. Were they distracted in any way? Were they drunk? Was it just a moment of weakness where the driver simply wasn’t focused on the road?

No matter the reason, that is dangerous and illegal driving. It is unclear if the other vehicle is being sought by police, but in a more general sense, this type of driving affects everyone. Distracted driving, or just dangerous driving, can leave innocent people out on the road in a risky position and, ultimately, could lead to some very serious injuries.

Source: CBS Pittsburgh, “Route 8 Shut Down After Crash,” July 23, 2015