Variations on Mortality Rates for Traumatic Brain Injuries

A traumatic brain injury can be a devastating condition that vastly compromises the quality of life and overall health of individuals. These injuries, which may result in major legal ramifications, have been found to have different impacts on a variety of groups of people in Pennsylvania and across the country.

Racial disparities and traumatic brain injuries

A study on traumatic brain injuries revealed the following stark differences in terms of the mortality rates: While and non-Hispanics had a mortality rate of 8.5%, racial minorities had a mortality rate of 14.6%. These statistics largely line up with a variety of other health care statistics that show significant racial inequities across a wide variety of systems.

Regardless of the area of health care, these racial disparities exist, and they are not limited to traumatic brain injuries. As such, anyone looking to view this issue from the perspective of TBIs must make a broader examination of the challenges faced by racial minorities in the American health care system.

Potential reasons for this disparity

These racial disparities can be explained in a variety of potential reasons, including increased likelihood of suffering more debilitating accidents, worse previous health care, worse health care given at hospitals and others. Of course, regardless of the circumstances, the results of this study are alarming.

If you believe that your loved one has been the victim of racial discrimination, intentional or otherwise, that worsened their health, you may have legal options. A personal injury lawyer may keep you appraised of your legal rights and work to ensure that you are financially compensated for any wrongdoing that led to the traumatic brain injury or made it worse.