Vehicle safety features can be beneficial, but not always

Advanced driver-assistance systems can be of great benefit to drivers in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. However, they are not perfect, and in fact, they have been known to contribute, albeit indirectly, to car accidents. Perhaps you were in such an accident yourself. Perhaps the other driver, relying too much on ADAS, thought it was fine to use the phone behind the wheel. Whatever the situation, you may have a valid personal injury case on your hands.

How ADAS works, and how effective it is

The ADAS is composed of numerous safety features, primarily forward and rear collision warning, cross-traffic alert and pedestrian and blind-spot detection. These alert drivers to a possible collision. Then, using automatic emergency braking, the system may brake if drivers fail to do so in time.

Other features include adaptive cruise control, which keeps the car at a safe distance from others, and lane departure warning, which alerts drivers when, out of drowsiness or inattention, they let their car drift out of its lane. According to LexisNexis Risk Solutions, ADAS vehicles see 27% fewer claims involving bodily injury and 19% fewer claims involving property damage.

High cost and glitches in the technology

An ADAS comes with disadvantages, though, starting with its high cost. The average repair bill for an ADAS vehicle is twice that for an ordinary vehicle. Newer vehicles may already come with the features, but drivers can choose to turn them off, negating their purpose.

Glitches are to be expected, too. On an on-ramp, the automatic emergency braking may kick in because a car in the next lane looks like an oncoming vehicle. Lastly, studies have shown how drivers tend to become complacent when safety features are on, mistakenly thinking that their cars are self-driving.

Filing a third-party insurance claim

The negligent driver has left you dealing with serious injuries and other losses that cannot be covered by your own insurance provider. In that case, you may file a personal injury claim against the guilty driver’s auto insurer. The process can be difficult to navigate, so you may want a lawyer to give your case personal attention.