Why Are Some Truck Accidents So Complex?

Truck accidents could lead to horrific injuries and massive property damage. Physics comes into play when a semi-truck crashes into smaller vehicles, and the crash might not be the only source of damage. Trucks traveling on Pennsylvania roads could present many hazards when their drivers don’t adhere to safe practices. Unfortunately, even when a driver operates a truck safely, third parties involved with the truck’s transit might contribute harm.

The extended nature of truck driving accidents

A “truck accident” does not always involve a collision. Anyone following behind a truck transporting motor vehicles to a dealership would be in a terrible position if a secured vehicle came loose. The same applies to any cargo carried by any truck. An improperly secured load could come loose and potentially cause a fatality. Even a small object falling from the back of a truck presents such a hazard.

In the aftermath of an unsecured cargo incident, a personal injury suit or insurance claim may focus on who was responsible. The truck driver and the trucking company might not be at fault. Another party that loaded the cargo might bear all the blame.

Several other issues could lead to a truck mishap, including overloaded vehicles, poor maintenance, and even problems with the road. All three of these scenarios could involve third-party negligence. Plaintiffs may levy blame at more than one defendant, as well. A truck driver, his or her employer, a service center, and even the company involved with producing the cargo may face litigation.

Risks associated with trucks

Some common causes for truck accidents involve negligent driving, such as traveling for too many hours in violation of federal and state regulations. Speeding, reckless driving, driving while intoxicated, and distracted driving may also contribute to an accident.

Unfortunately, the damage inflicted by a truck could be massive. Seeking an insurance settlement might not be as straightforward as victims hope, either. Settlement offers may be far lower than what a victim may think is fair.

Motor vehicle accidents involving trucks could prove complicated. Working with an attorney to deal with insurance companies may be advisable.