Why driving slowly can be dangerous

Driving too slowly can be almost as dangerous as driving too fast. Therefore, Pennsylvania motorists should try their best to keep pace with others on the road. When driving on a highway, it is best to use the left lane as a passing lane only. Otherwise, drivers may have to pass on the right, and that can cause confusion and a higher risk of an accident.

When driving on residential roads, faster drivers may quickly catch up to slower drivers and have to put on their brakes. This could cause a scenario where other drivers have to slam on their brakes, which could lead to accidents or incidents of road rage. Drivers may find themselves going slower than others because they are distracted. According to research conducted by Carnegie Mellon, driving focus can be reduced by up to 37 percent while using a cellphone.

Newer drivers may go slower than others on the road because they lack the experience and confidence that experienced drivers may have. While speeding can be an issue for younger or less experienced drivers, a lack of familiarity with their surroundings may cause some to go at or below the speed limit. Older drivers may also go slower than usual because physical issues make it harder to put much pressure on the gas pedal.

Those who are involved in a crash involving a negligent driver may be entitled to financial compensation. Negligence may occur because a driver was on his or her cellphone at the time of a crash. Going too slowly or driving in the wrong lane may also constitute negligence because a driver may be disobeying traffic signs or known rules of the road. Injured victims may benefit from talking with an attorney.