Workers can be injured driving company vehicles

There are many jobs that require employees to drive company vehicles for various tasks. Driving a company vehicle can be preferable to driving a personal one for work purposes. If you drive your own car for work, you must keep track of your mileage and gas expenditures. But with a company vehicle, all you have to do is hop in and drive to your destination.

But there are still risks that come with driving a company vehicle. After all, you are still at risk of suffering a car accident and being injured, even if the vehicle does not belong to you. When an employee is injured while driving a company vehicle,

Workplace motor vehicle safety

Employees deserve to feel safe when they go to work, even if they are out on the road. But according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), all workers who drive company vehicles face the risk of injury. It does not matter whether the vehicle is small or large and whether the job includes a lot of driving or only a little driving. In fact, OSHA’s reports that motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of work-related deaths among Americans. In the 11-year period between 2003 and 2014, there were 22,000 work-related motor vehicle deaths in the U.S.

Workers’ compensation for car accidents

Employers have a responsibility to provide safe workplace environments for their employees. This includes enforcing motor vehicle safety for workers who must drive a company car. If an employer fails to meet the necessary safety standards, there could be severe legal consequences. Workers who are injured while driving company-owned vehicles do have legal options. In some cases, it is necessary to file a lawsuit in order to hold the liable party accountable. In other scenarios, victims may be eligible for workers’ compensation. Workers’ compensation can pay for medical bills incurred in a work-related car accident, cover lost wages and provide other compensatory damages.