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What can cause burns at work?

Workers' Compensation
  June 17, 2015

Burn injuries are among the most painful ways a person can get hurt on the job. There are many ways a worker can suffer a burn, which can cause terrible scarring and deformation in those who survive. The University of New Mexico Hospitals provide a good description of the various ways the human body can be burned. The hospital’s website…

2 bus crashes within 10 hours injure 7 in Pittsburgh

Car Accidents
  June 15, 2015

Many Pittsburgh residents ride in Port Authority buses every day. No doubt some of our readers take the bus to and from work, or use it to get to other destinations. This form of public transit can be a cheap, convenient alternative to driving, but riding the bus does not guarantee that you will not be hurt in a traffic…

Google to release monthly self-driving car crash reports

Car Accidents
  June 10, 2015

In an update to the potentially troubling report that Google’s self-driving car prototypes have been in at least 11 car accidents, the company has promised not to keep quiet about such incidents in the future. However, critics say that Google’s new policy still will not inform the public sufficiently about possible defects in the automated driving system. As we discussed…

Sleep is still good for a brain affected by TBI

Brain Injury
  June 8, 2015

Most people find that their brain works better after they have had a good night’s sleep. It seems that this is true for victims of mild traumatic brain injury, even when that injury is causing sleep disturbances. A new study discussed in Psych Central found that people recovering from a mild TBI, also known as concussion, did better on memory…

Workers’ compensation and how it works for you

Workers' Compensation
  June 5, 2015

Workers’ compensation is activated when you are injured while on the job or get a work-related sickness. The Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act, has a contingency in it in case you need your medical fees paid. It also offers wage compensation while you are recuperating. In the very unfortunate event that a person perishes on the job, the surviving family will…

What is a neurogenic bladder?

Spinal Cord Injuries
  June 3, 2015

From the outside, probably the most obvious effect of a spinal cord injury is paralysis. However, damage to the spinal cord can cause other complications that affect the person’s independence and dignity. As the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation discusses on its website, most spinal cord injuries affect bladder control, because the nerves that control the bladder are at the…

Driver ejected in crash near Denver, Pennsylvania

Car Accidents
  June 1, 2015

The driver of a car near Denver, Pennsylvania, was fortunate to survive an accident when he was ejected from his vehicle after being hit by a semi. The accident happened on the Pennsylvania Turnpike, on May 30, and it took place right around 4:20 p.m. The driver was not ejected during the initial collision. The police have reported that the…

Drowsy driving is as dangerous as drunk driving

Car Accidents
  May 28, 2015

Sleep is as necessary to human beings as breathing and eating. Yet too many of us try to get away with not getting enough sleep at night. Among the possible consequences of chronic drowsiness is causing a car crash by nodding off at the wheel. The next time you are on the road, look around. There is a good chance…

Rare brain injury disorder turns victims into savants

Brain Injury
  May 26, 2015

By now, most of us are familiar with the most common symptoms of a head injury, even those of us fortunate enough never to experience serious brain trauma. Media coverage of concussions has educated the public to the headaches, nausea, cognitive impairments and emotional problems common to many sufferers. Many readers are also likely aware that the brain remains a…

Handcycles let spinal cord injury victims compete in marathons

Spinal Cord Injuries
  May 18, 2015

The Pittsburgh Marathon took place a few weeks back. Racers and spectators may have noticed that not every participant was on foot. Some people, likely with spinal cord injuries, were using handcycles to compete. The human spine can be damaged in many incidents. Here in Pittsburgh, perhaps the most likely causes include auto accidents and workplace disasters. For those in…