Protection From Dangerous Or Defective Products in Pennsylvania

American consumers and workers are protected by some of the toughest laws in the world regarding product safety. Before entering the marketplace, manufacturers are required to conduct product safety tests for safe design and use. If the product causes an injury because of a defect or insufficient warnings about known dangers, the manufacturer and its contracted agents may be held liable for damages under product liability laws.

What If You Weren’t Using The Product Correctly?

The courts have ruled that manufacturers are responsible for designing their products to be safe under normal use, for the stated purpose. If you were injured while using a product for its intended purpose under safe conditions, you may have a legitimate claim for damages in the state of Pennsylvania.

However, even if you were not using the product correctly when you were injured, you may still have a claim for damages if the product’s instructions, warnings or labels were insufficient for you to understand how to safely use the product. It is important to call an experienced product liability attorney who understands all aspects of the complex product liability laws.

Toys And Children’s Products

Most toys and children’s products are manufactured overseas and sold in shops all over Pennsylvania. If your child suffered serious injuries due to a broken part or dangerous toy, crib or clothing product, it may be difficult to determine who in the United States can be held liable for damages.

The U.S. operations responsible for contracting with overseas manufacturers to distribute the product in the U.S. market may be sued for damages. If it is an international corporation, the U.S. subsidiary responsible for the product distribution may be liable.

Get Help From Our Pittsburgh Product Liability Lawyers

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We represent plaintiffs injured because of dangerous and defective products, including:

  • Defective toys and dangerous children’s products
  • Defective seat belts and air bags
  • Defective home appliances, ovens, stoves and heaters
  • Dangerous power tools
  • Defective and dangerous industrial equipment

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