6 Mistakes individuals make after a car accident

When you are in a car accident, it may be true that your first instinct is to get out of the situation as quickly as possible. However, a quick getaway from an accident can lead to making common post-car accident mistakes. If you are in an accident, it is wise to make sure you do not make these six common mistakes.


Moving away from the scene

It can be tempting to drive away from a minor accident, promising the other driver that you will contact each other to “figure out the details later.” However, this may be unwise. Driving away from the scene will make it hard to create a police report and you run the risk of not having the information you need to get in touch with the other driver, or their insurance, after the fact.

Not calling the police

Many people think that calling the police is unnecessary after a car accident, especially if there was not too much damage. A rear-end collision, door ding or merge into another car can still benefit from a call to the authorities. When the police are called to the scene of a car accident, they will create a police report which can be helpful in creating a narrative of the accident later on. This report may include statements from both you and the driver, a description of what the scene looked like and what the damages were.

Leaving before getting the other drivers information

It can be difficult to obtain any compensation from the crash if you do not have the other drivers contact information. When you are at the scene, make sure to exchange names, phone numbers, insurance information and license plate number. Having this information accessible will make for less of a headache later.

Failing to document the accident

This one is easy to forget, because it may not be at the top of your mind after you have just been involved in a crash. It is important to take pictures of the damage done to each car, and to yourself if there is any. It can also be beneficial to take a few minutes and write down or record your own narrative of how the accident occurred.

Not getting medical treatment

Deciding not to go to the doctor after a car accident may be a mistake, even if you are not severely injured from the crash. A medical professional can assess muscle pains and aches to make sure they will heal without lasting effect. At times, individuals experience latent pain resulting from a car crash, such as neck and back pain from whiplash. Seeing a doctor when you encounter pain is crucial.

Waiting to call the insurance

Many insurance companies want you to file a claim or notify them of an accident as soon as possible. Some may even advise you to contact them from the scene. This can help you get a case moving so that you and your vehicle are back in action in no time.