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Can You Sue for a Car Accident in Pennsylvania?

Car Accidents
  October 2, 2023

Car accidents caused by other drivers often leave victims facing extensive injuries, property damage, and other burdens. Therefore, pursuing fair compensation is often necessary to relieve financial stress. But what is the best way to obtain compensation? Is it possible to sue the other driver? The short answer is yes; in many cases, you can […]

Tragedy to Triumph: Justice for Burn Injury Survivors

Personal Injury
  September 21, 2023

The journey of a burn injury survivor is one of immense strength, resilience, and the pursuit of justice. A burn injury is a life-altering experience that can leave physical, emotional, and financial scars. At Ainsman Levine, we believe every survivor deserves the opportunity to rebuild their lives and seek the compensation they deserve. Burn injury […]

3 Ways Employers Expose Staff to Harmful Substances or Environments

Workers' Compensation
  May 8, 2023

Any job involves some degree of personal risk, but some occupations are far more dangerous than other forms of employment. For example, there are careers that put a worker directly in harm’s way by exposing them either to hazardous substances or environments. Employers typically have obligations to their workers if their job responsibilities could result in personal risk. Disclosure to…

Violence Against Nurses Is on the Rise

Workers' Compensation
  April 13, 2023

Violence against nurses has always been an issue. Patients may lash out violently when nurses are simply trying to help them. This sometimes happens because people don’t want specific types of treatment. It can also happen if the patient is dealing with a cognitive or mental disorder. Perhaps they have dementia and do not realize that the nurse is trying…

3 Steps to Help Someone Move Forward After Losing a Loved One

Personal Injury
  March 20, 2023

Losing a loved one suddenly and under preventable circumstances is among the most traumatic experiences that people can have. The love and companionship that someone offers are irreplaceable, even when an individual develops new relationships later. Grief is among the most challenging of human emotions and can take many months, if not years, for someone to fully process. Grieving is…

3 Factors That Put You at Heightened Risk of a Multi-Car Collision

Motor Vehicle Accidents
  February 19, 2023

Motor vehicle collisions occur for all kinds of reasons. Sometimes, one person drives while drunk or under the influence of drugs. Distraction caused by mobile devices can also affect the abilities and focus of a driver and lead to a serious collision. The vast majority of collisions involve two cars but some of them involved multiple vehicles. Multi-car collisions or…

What Happens to Workers Injured by Machinery or Robots?

Workers' Compensation
  January 12, 2023

When people think of technologically advanced employment, they often think of Silicon Valley, not Pittsburgh. However, from cutting-edge medical facilities to manufacturing companies, there are many businesses that may have complex machines and even robots performing work alongside humans. Robots and similar machinery help reduce the physical wear on workers caused by performing their jobs. They also reduce the likelihood…

Safety Tips When Working on a Ladder

Workers' Compensation
  December 13, 2022

Many serious workplace injuries happen when someone slips and falls from a ladder. Even a relatively good landing could result in something like a broken ankle or a fractured wrist. But a poor landing could lead to something like a spinal cord injury or a traumatic brain injury. People even pass away in these accidents every year. Clearly, you want…

Is a Bar Partially to Blame for a Drunk Driving Wreck?

Motor Vehicle Accidents
  November 8, 2022

Between the information shared in driver’s training courses and public awareness campaigns, drivers are fully aware of how alcohol might impact their ability to operate a vehicle safely. Many of them just choose to ignore that information and get behind the wheel after drinking anyway. Obviously, someone who breaks the law and does something that every other driver knows to…

How Do Teenagers Cause Auto Accidents?

Motor Vehicle Accidents
  October 10, 2022

Many people learn to drive a car during their teen years – it’s just one of many things teenagers learn to do when growing up. Pennsylvania laws state that anyone 16 years of age or older can get a learner’s permit. Teens who earn their permit may drive to school, grocery stores or friends’ houses. You may have been in…