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4 signs of a hidden injury after motor vehicle collision

Personal Injury
  August 30, 2022

The collision occurred while in your car stopped at a traffic light. Another vehicle — driven by a young adult — crashed into the back of your car. Thrust forward in your car seats from the jolt, you and your passenger escaped injury. You are annoyed more than anything else. After inspecting the damage, taking accident scene photos and exchanging…

A simple blood test may predict severe brain trauma outcomes

Brain Injury
  August 23, 2022

For doctors, accurately diagnosing a patient’s illness or injury is only part of the job. Another factor is figuring out what the most likely outcome will be for the patient. Given the treatment options, should the patient expect to recover fully? Or is their condition more likely to be fatal? A new study suggests that doctors can now predict the…

How wrong-way highway accidents happen

Car Accidents
  August 19, 2022

A head-on collision with a vehicle going the wrong direction on the highway is one of the scariest and most dangerous types of car accidents that happen in Pittsburgh. The sheer force of two (or more) vehicles crashing directly into each other at highway speeds can easily cause fatal injury or permanent disability. Tragically, two people died in a recent…

Tips for helping a loved one recover from a serious accident

Catastrophic Injuries
  August 17, 2022

If someone you love was recently hurt in a catastrophic accident, you might be unsure of how you can help your loved one through the recovery process. Helping them get organized Your loved one likely has a lot going on after a severe accident – and that comes with a lot of paperwork and appointments to manage. It can be…

Is someone other than the drunk driver to blame for the crash?

Motor Vehicle Accidents
  August 11, 2022

Every driver’s education course will teach the students enrolled about the dangers of drinking and driving. Even if it has been years since someone attended such courses, there are public awareness campaigns that put out billboards, as well as ads on the radio and television. Drunk driving crashes are often a plot device used in popular media, so the reality…

How much will workers’ compensation disability pay you?

Workers' Compensation
  July 28, 2022

One of the worst things about getting hurt at work is that you need to take a leave of absence to recover. The more severe your injury is, the more time you may go without a steady paycheck. Unless you purchased a private disability policy of your own, you will likely depend on workers’ compensation to help replace your paycheck…

The risks of internal bleeding after a car accident

Car Accidents, Catastrophic Injuries
  July 21, 2022

A car crash can lead to a variety of injuries. Many of these injuries — like cuts  —are immediately noticeable. Unfortunately, other injuries may hide deep in the body, and symptoms may not appear for some time after a collision. Internal bleeding is one injury that may not be immediately known after an accident. What can cause internal bleeding? In…

5 deadly construction site accidents

Workers' Compensation
  March 29, 2022

With clear weather on the horizon, Pennsylvania construction workers will soon begin to see their schedules quickly filling up. From road construction and renovation projects to full-scale site erection, huge projects will soon begin to take shape. Unfortunately, construction workers face serious bodily harm no matter the size or scope of the project. While every jobsite is unique, there are…

Memory loss, seizures among long-term effects after TBI

Brain Injury
  March 10, 2022

The victim of a traumatic brain injury may never completely recover, forced to live with long-lasting health complications that may require additional surgeries, therapies and medications. Whether a driver crashed his car into your bicycle, a distracted big-rig truck driver slammed into your car, or you sustained injuries as a passenger in a car driven by a drunk person, you…

Avoid these 4 mistakes regarding workers’ compensation benefits

Workers' Compensation
  February 22, 2022

Naturally, an on-the-job injury has brought significant concerns. As a result, you may temporarily be unable to work. However, you understand that worker’s compensation benefits are available since your employer pays for such insurance. Promptly seek these benefits for lost wages and medical expenses. There should be no hesitation to apply for them. Too many times we learn about the…